Sometimes the hardest battle we fight is that first step.

Whether it’s to begin showing up for ourselves unapologetically, building healthy habits towards self-care, or connecting with people outside of our comfortable, predictable, unthreatening social bubble.

I hear you loud and clear about feeling insecure about proudly displaying your true colors.
I know that sometimes you feel like you’ve got nothing to add to the equation – like if you don’t join the “I built a 6/7/8-figure business from scratch” chorus, your voice isn’t needed here.

So this is me spilling the beans:
I’m a highly sensitive introvert with the shakiest of knees every time I go live (eeek!) or hit publish on a piece of content.

But here’s the thing: YOU have a PURPOSE.
It’s not about being THE VOICE #oprahforpresident.
It’s about being A voice and reaching the people who need exactly what you have to offer.

Two revelations that helped me come out of my shell:

You’re just a blip on everyone else’s radar – and that’s a good thing.

Every single one of us is living their own lifetime movie, wearing our own unique emotion-vision googles, tinted by our memories and thoughts and roller-coasting reactions to outside drama.
Realizing this helped me both become more daring online and game up my content.

When you outgrow just doing something and grow into standing up and out for something aka your purpose, you’ll start attracting your kind of people, simply because that blip turns into a “that’s ME!”.
So, worst case, everybody keeps scrolling because your voice doesn’t yet have that clarity that stops your tribe in their tracks.
Best case: Your kind of people start engaging with you, while the people who aren’t a great fit for you keep walking.

Think about it:

Saving time, energy, brain space, and heartache all around, AND growing your reach, your confidence, and panache.

You didn’t wake up today to be mediocre.
Your life, at least this manifestation of your soul, is finite. You’re here to love yourself until that love overflows your cup so you can do good unto others and create positive change.

In other words:

  • What color is your brushstroke in the big picture?
  • How do you impact the lives you touch?
  • Do you love yourself enough to show up as/for yourself, unapologetically, and create your happiest, most fulfilled life?

May you be daring and all you, building your legacy.
🧘‍♀️💗I’m right here, cheering you on!